Our Instructors

Katrina Crawford-Boyce


Treen (Katrina) has been a GymbaROO parent for the past ten years. She has three children who have all attended GymbaROO, two boys (10 and 8years) and one daughter (3years). Treen’s two eldest children attend Mitcham Primary School in the Montessori program. Many of you will know Treen’s three year old, Em, who often comes in and ‘helps’ and also attends our three year old program, Possums.

Treen’s interests and skills are perfectly married together in her role in GymbaROO Mitcham and she loves supporting parents to offer the best for their little one.

Treen and her husband, Matt, recently purchased GymbaROO Mitcham from the wonderful Mari-Ann, not long before our gorgeous Founder passed away. Treen was very lucky to benefit from Mari-Ann’s extensive knowledge and training abilities before she died and Mari-Ann was really happy with the plan. Since taking over the business, Treen has been working tirelessly to try to come up to speed with the general running of the business as well as updating the Centre and some of the routines. If you have any ideas for the Centre please do let Treen know.

Treen’s background…..

She has a particular interest in children’s learning styles after realising that her eldest son learns mostly through observation initially through seeing his behaviour at GymbaROO. Jack always loved GymbaROO but rarely participated in group activities until he had seen them completed a few times. He is now ten and still learns through observation, knowing this has been very helpful to allow his teachers to give him space to learn in his optimal way.

Treen’s interest in children and families has been life long. She has a Bachelor Degree in Social Work and has worked with Children, Teenagers and families primarily through her work with Young Offenders and in Education.

Since starting a family in 2005 Treen became very involved in her local Australian Breastfeeding Association group, which used to meet across the hall from GymbaROO Mitcham! Having benefitted so much from their support Treen then completed the courses in Breastfeeding Counselling and Education and has now been a Breastfeeding Counsellor with the Australian Breastfeeding Association for over seven years. She is always very happy to answer any of your breastfeeding questions.

Treen has completed the GymbaROO teacher training and is currently working through GymbaROO’s Diploma equivalent in Child Neurology.