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Jenni Minniece


Hi my name is Jenni!

I’m a teacher here at Mitcham Gymbaroo. I still see myself as being extremely lucky to come to work each day and be met by not only a fantastic team of staff but amazing children and their wonderful Parents, Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles and friends. I learn just as much from them as they do from me!

I come from a disability background, completing a Bachelor of Applied Science in Disability Studies at Deakin University in 1994. I worked with DHS for many years as a MRN then moved to Outreach work in Disability day programs. I then became a team leader at Eastern Access Community Health helping to manage two teams of staff with about 60 clients. I loved working at EACH but realized my calling next bringing two gorgeous boys into the world.

Kobe is now 7 ½yrs and in Grade One. He is a budding sports star who lights up a room with his adorable nature and warm heart. Finn is 4 1/2 yrs and looking forward to Prep next year (2013). He too has a wicked personality and a cheekiness that is going to test his Prep teacher.

Kobe was at Mitcham Gymbaroo from 10 months old and finished in the Emus program in 2010, he loved it. Finn has also been at Mitcham Gymbaroo for a long time… in utero infact and is currently doing the Emus (school readiness program) on a Tuesday with Erin. He loves Erin and so do I, she is an awesome teacher and it is the highlight of our busy week, not to mention the benefits!

I began working at Mitcham gymbaroo when Kobe was 1yr old, completing the teacher training that year (2006) and have been part of the Gymbaroo family ever since (taking a year off to have Finn).

I like to think I bring a lot of energy to my classes and my favorite part of the day (other than ‘bubbles’) is opening the gymbaroo door to those beautiful happy faces so eager to come inside and ‘play’, then over the term/year watch them grow and develop into confident amazing little people.

Outside Gymbaroo I love hanging out with my 3 boys… Kobe, Finn and my partner of 22yrs, Paul. We love going away, a game of footy, lacrosse, basketball, going to the gym and of course socializing with our many awesome friends.

Look forward to seeing you in one of my classes!!