LEVEL 7 Possums

Kinder Enhancement

The activities at GymbaROO help to lay the groundwork for early reading / writing and preschool / school. As their control over all muscle groups is strengthened and fine tuned, they can start concentrating on language skills.

Mat time activities at GymbaROO are aimed at fine tuning these skills, with more challenging tasks. Their ball skills are far better and their hand / eye coordination is more focused.

During this course, we have a different routine which is better suited to your child’s developing skills, while increasing the concentration time and the complexity and number of instructions. At this stage, they also start to learn to work in groups, to line up and to follow the leader.

The sessions include counting, memory activities and visual exercises.

Of course, there is still the all important large equipment time where by now they love climbing ladders, jumping on trampolines and hanging upside down.

It is during this period that they are starting to consolidate all the previously learned skills and fine tuning them to enhance their early preschool experience.