LEVEL 6 Kangaroos

Now development is really bounding forward. Sessions at this age are geared for the development of sensory integration and the consequent laterality (throwing a ball with one arm is being lateral). For this reason, a preferred hand (or foot) is encouraged in all one hand (or foot) activities. Achieving laterality is very useful for things like riding a tricycle, peeling a banana and washing up.

We are now encouraging an increase in the comprehension of auditory memory skills from one instruction to two and likewise in the visual memopry through more advanced fun activities with thier parents.

The crocodile patterning will be now more or less a normal part of massage time.

All areas where instructions are required are increased in complexity to allow for the development of improved auditory and visual memory, imperative for ‘survival’ at school. Repetition is vital for this development at all ages.