LEVEL 3/4 Penguin/Koala

This class is a combination of two stages, penguin and koala. As we teach according to the children in the class this will include activities that challenge and stimulate both age groups.

Penguin -Once your little one is walking, they can take part in our Penguins programme. There is a vast difference between the baby programme and our toddler classes.

Here they will be practising the skills of walking, clapping and jumping, through activities such as dance and exercise. The programme also encompasses a fine-motor component, where they will be exposed to activities such as throwing, catching and hitting balls, balloons, bubbles and bean bags.

Your child will start taking a more participative role in the class as they can start to understand simple tasks and instructions. We will also be doing exercises with slow music allowing them time to learn how to move and control their limbs.

The equipment is also far more challenging – ladders to negotiate, balance beams to walk along and lots of hanging activities on the trapeze and overhead.

An example exercise for balance: Tick-Tock walking side to side, with parents behind holding the child.

All in all it starts the foundation for strong gross motor and coordination skills.

Koala – In this class, during our mat time we start to incorporate finger plays and activities which require them to listen and then respond to an instruction. E.g. Clapping, jumping, balancing. We do activities which require them to use left / right independently and begin very specific ball activities.

This stage of development is bi-lateral, meaning that both sides of body are working in coordination. By 18 months of age, toddlers have wonderful skill with their hands- they have improved focus and control. Our activities are aimed at strengthening and developing these skills, as they now have control over how to release an object they are holding.

The two year old year is an important year of change in behaviour speech and fine motor skills. The Koala stage sets the groundwork for the transition into the next stage of development – laterality. We would like to help your child in their development journey.